The Dividing Line

I walk the dividing line
between low water & the shore,
where land becomes liquid
and distinction is blurred
and ever-changing.
Out there,
on the bleakness of the tidal flats
is a world of water, mists and space,
where curlews’ call echoes mournful
and the squabble of gulls
is earth and air and bubbling sound.
The tide slides in like snakes,
sending tendrils of water
to fill the dykes and gullies,
running swift behind,
unseen and deepening,
spreading across the sand,
leaving isolated rocks
like sentinels on guard.
The shore is far away,
beyond the grounded boats,
and lights flicker distant
through the haar.

I walk the dividing line
between sanity and madness.
The rising unreason sends tendrils,
snaking through the dykes
and gullies of my mind,
twisting thoughts,
and challenging my rationality,
firing misinformation across
the synapses of my brain,
sending me crashing
into the darkest realms,
like ocean trenches with
uncharted depths;
into the inner darkness
where no light shines.
I hear voices calling from the shore,
see strong arms outstretched,
but the more I reach,
the more they fade away,
until the darkness drowns them
like the rising tide,
and I cannot see the road
to travel on……

One thought on “The Dividing Line

  1. Meaty, challenging and truthful as ever – you speak for many of us from your own authentic core. If you took this photo , it is a perfect aid to reflection on your words. May you, I and all of us keep travelling on even when ( especially when) we can’t see the way.Thanks again for your brave voice.


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