Inner reflections

Today I went to help someone pack ready for moving. The place was, to put it mildly, a mess.

Clothes lay in sprawling piles in the bedroom. Ornaments, crockery & toiletries jostled for space with piles of old newspapers, letters, books & shoes.

Chaos. Where to begin?

In the end, we began at the beginning, picking up one item at a time, folding , packing…picking, folding, packing…

As we packed, I began to notice things – a shoe rack, still in its unopened box; a set of shelves on a shelf; a metal filing box, unused; two free-standing clothes rails, again unopened, unused.

While we stood knee deep in crumpled clothing.

It seemed to me that all this external chaos mirrored the inner chaos of its owner’s life. Decent, good things buried alongside litter, trash, detritus….and the means with which to conquer the chaos close at hand.

Shelves, cabinets, racks, all ready to control the external  chaos, to order it, bring it into line.

Intelligence, prayer, support & knowledge all ready to do the same with the internal chaos.

Yet there was lacking the will, the ability to own the mess, wanting instead to pass it off onto someone else.

Our inner environment demands to be seen. If we will not look at it, it reflects in our external environment, clear for all the world to see…..


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